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Do Sole Proprietors Need Workers' Comp Insurance?

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Running a business as a sole proprietor is an exciting venture and an important part of the economy. As a business owner, you may wonder if you need workers’ compensation insurance. The answer is yes—sole proprietors should always have workers’ comp insurance, even if they are the only employee and even if their state does not require it. Here’s why this type of insurance is necessary for sole proprietors. What Is Workers’ Comp Insurance? Read More»

4 Times You May Be Asked For Auto Verification Insurance

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Having auto insurance is an important component when driving. It protects you and other drivers on the road. Most companies send you a physical insurance card in the mail, but others may provide you with digital proof only. Even without your card, you know you have your state’s required coverage, but there are times others may ask you to verify your coverage. Here are a few times you may require auto verification insurance coverage. Read More»

Two Important Coverages To Include Add To Your Business Insurance Policy

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Protecting your business by obtaining commercial insurance is one of the most vital things you can do. It takes a lot to run a successful company and making sure you have the backing necessary to guard against the potential woes that can happen if you run into an emergency lawsuit is absolutely critical. A standard business insurance policy usually includes liability and property coverage but you may need to go a bit further. Read More»

Times You Might Need An Agent To Help You Get The Right Car Insurance

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If you own a car, then, according to the laws in your state, you are usually required to have insurance on it. An insurance agent can help you get the right amount of coverage to comply with state laws, but you might need an insurance agent to help for other reasons too. Here’s a look at some situations where you may need an agent to help you find the right insurance for your car. Read More»

The Fundamentals Of Medical Malpractice Insurance Cost: Tips To Be Prepared

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Medical malpractice insurance is an essential investment for most people in the healthcare industry, and it is one of the most important expenses that you will pay every year. However, do you actually know why you’re paying the premium that you are? Most doctors secure medical malpractice insurance and don’t give it a second thought, but the fact is that there are a few key contributing factors that directly affect how much you pay for your malpractice insurance. Read More»

3 Benefits Of Having Flood Insurance

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Homeowners insurance is great; however, it doesn’t cover everything. One of the things that homeowners insurance doesn’t cover is flood damage. Flood damage is not one of the named perils that homeowner’s insurance covers. In order to be covered for damage caused by a flood, you need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.  Flood Insurance Is for Everyone  Some people wrongly believe that one can only purchase a flood insurance policy if one lives in a high-risk flood zone. Read More»

7 Terms To Know When Purchasing Home Insurance

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Need to purchase home insurance, but feeling confused about all the terms being thrown at you? Continue reading to learn what some of these commonly used terms mean.  Premium A premium is what you pay to have a home insurance policy. It’s nothing more than a fancy way of telling you what you owe for the coverage period.  Deductible The deductible is what you pay prior to insurance covering the rest of the repair bill. Read More»

4 Reasons To Purchase Homeowners Insurance

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Having insurance is a safety measure that can help you protect your finances when unforeseen circumstances arise. Most people have medical insurance and car insurance, but homeowners insurance can be just as important. For many people, a house or apartment is the most valuable item they own. That’s why it only makes sense to protect that investment. Here are some reasons to purchase homeowners insurance: 1. Secure a mortgage Homeowners insurance is not a legal requirement, but some banks require prospective homeowners to secure this type of insurance before they will grant a mortgage. Read More»

The Primary Benefits Of Using Public Insurance Claim Adjustments

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When you have suffered property losses from a fire, storm, or accident, you might want to make the most lucrative insurance claim possible. You will want to recover most or all of the costs of your losses and meet with the least amount of resistance from the insurer. However, the insurer may not want to take your word for what happened and rely more on the input of its own adjuster. Read More»