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Indexed Universal Life Insurance: What Is It Exactly?

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Have you been looking into a life insurance policy, and interested in what an indexed universal life policy is? It’s a different type of life insurance that gives you an account that you can borrow money from over your lifetime, which makes it an attractive option to some people. Still feel confused? If so, it will help to know the following information about it. It Provides A Death Benefit One of the most obvious benefits of an indexed universal life insurance policy is that it provides a death benefit. Read More»

How An Insurance Agent Helps

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Buying auto insurance can be confusing at best. You need to consider what type of coverage you want, how much you want, how much you want as a deductible, and what the legal requirements are for your state. Not all car insurance coverage concerns who pays what and how much if there is a car crash. While it is certainly possible to have coverage only for a car accident, you may want to consider other options. Read More»

7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Homeowners' Insurance

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Currently, about 85% of American homeowners have home insurance policies. Homeowners’ insurance is a type of home insurance that provides coverage for what happens to your home. It’s an important part of owning a home because it protects you from financial loss in the event of unexpected property damage caused by natural disasters, theft, or other perils. Why Should You Take a Home Insurance Policy? As you know, homes include many important belongings, memories, and in some cases, even family members. Read More»

3 Ways Commercial Insurance Protects Truckers

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Truck drivers are at the very heart of the economy, and it is difficult to imagine what everyday life would be like without their services fueling various industries across the country. In turn, one of the most important aspects of any trucking enterprise is commercial truck insurance. Without insurance, drivers are essentially left exposed to massive amounts of damages: financial, medical, and otherwise. Take a look below at just three of the ways in which commercial insurance protects truckers and the companies they drive for. Read More»