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3 Ways Commercial Insurance Protects Truckers

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Truck drivers are at the very heart of the economy, and it is difficult to imagine what everyday life would be like without their services fueling various industries across the country. In turn, one of the most important aspects of any trucking enterprise is commercial truck insurance. Without insurance, drivers are essentially left exposed to massive amounts of damages: financial, medical, and otherwise. Take a look below at just three of the ways in which commercial insurance protects truckers and the companies they drive for.

Protecting Cargo

The fundamental job of any commercial truck driver is to move valuable cargo from one point to another. Regardless of the distance between the two points, it is important to have the cargo insured. Not all cargo insurance options are identical, so be sure to evaluate which ones fit your professional circumstances best. You may be able to choose from cargo insurance packages that cover things as varied as theft and debris clean-up. Without cargo insurance, you'll be on the hook for expenses that may total tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Protecting Equipment

In addition to insuring your cargo, you'll also want to make sure that your equipment is protected from potential damages. These damages may result from the theft of the vehicle, or perhaps a natural disaster, but statistically are more likely to happen because of an accident. Keep in mind that cargo coverage and physical damage coverage are distinct; having a policy for one does not necessarily cover the other. Commercial truck drivers and companies should assess their risk with regard to deductibles and premiums as well. Drivers with a spotless record of safe driving may want to opt for policies that offer low premiums and higher deductibles.

Protecting Drivers and Others

Of course, the most valuable component of any commercial trucking undertaking is not the cargo or the equipment, but the driver themselves. That's why truckers will also want to seek out primary liability coverage, which covers all damages caused to a third party. In many ways, primary liability coverage is the foundation of all other insurance types because it is required by federal law. Drivers who are operating a commercial vehicle without it are in very real danger of not only incurring responsibilities for damages in an accident but also facing more severe penalties such as license suspension and even imprisonment. No driver should take the professional and personal risks that come with being uninsured.