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Times You Might Need An Agent To Help You Get The Right Car Insurance

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If you own a car, then, according to the laws in your state, you are usually required to have insurance on it. An insurance agent can help you get the right amount of coverage to comply with state laws, but you might need an insurance agent to help for other reasons too. Here's a look at some situations where you may need an agent to help you find the right insurance for your car. 

You Haven't Driven In Years

If you live in an area where you can walk everywhere or take public transportation, you may not need to own a car. When that's the case, it's often best to get a nonowner policy so your car insurance won't lapse. If you let your insurance lapse and you've gone without car insurance for years, you might have trouble getting coverage.

An independent insurance agent works with several insurance companies so they can help you find coverage. Since you might be considered high risk, they also work to find a policy that's affordable for you.

You Have Black Marks On Your History

If you've been arrested for a DUI, been responsible for multiple accidents, had your previous insurance canceled for nonpayment, or you've had other issues with driving or with paying for your insurance, you'll probably be classified as a high risk for an insurance company. That means getting car insurance you can afford could be difficult.

Your insurance agent might be able to help by finding an insurer who will accept you or by advising you on ways you can work around the problem, such as being put on a family member's policy.

You Have A Teen Driver Or Sports Car

Adding a teen to your insurance policy or buying a new sports car can drive up your car insurance rates. An agent can compare rates to get you the best coverage at the best price. They might also advise you on discounts and ways to lower your rate as much as possible by taking defensive driving classes, getting discounts for good grades, or by installing anti-theft or safety devices on your car.

You're Having A Hard Time Making Payments

If you've lost your job or you're having other financial problems, you might not be able to afford insurance. However, if you have to have it by law, the solution may be to talk to your agent about how to get the lowest rate possible. Some ideas might be to only buy your state's minimum amount of insurance, trade in your newer car for an older model that has lower insurance costs, and take the highest deductible possible.

Contact a local car insurance agency to learn more.