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Four Reasons To Hire A Public Claims Adjuster After Serious Damage To Your Property

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You already have a claims adjuster who has made an assessment of the damage to your property, so you may ask yourself why there is a need to hire a public claims adjuster. The following are among the most important reasons you may want to consider hiring one.

Their service offers you a second opinion

There are several areas where a public claims adjuster can be beneficial with a second opinion, and the most important is in the initial assessment. If your insurance company wants to repair the damage, it may be that it is cheaper to rebuild the property. Having a public claims adjuster offer their analysis to your insurance company may allow for rebuilding instead of repair. This benefits both you and your insurance company. They save money, and you are likely to have a better-quality property if it is rebuilt instead of repaired after serious damage has been done.

They understand how to read a policy

They are better able to read and understand exactly what your policy will cover as well as assess the damage to your property. Knowing exactly what is covered and how it is covered will save you time trying to communicate with your insurance company. A public claims adjuster can also help negotiate those areas of damage that are open to interpretation.

They can coordinate construction work and insurance payments

When there has been a catastrophic loss of property, there is often a series of payments that are made over time as the rebuilding process takes shape. A public claims adjuster has knowledge of the entire process from start to finish. This experience translates into helping to expedite the process. They can work with both contractors and your insurance company to coordinate the reconstruction and the payments needed to keep the project running smoothly.

They can be beneficial in large-scale disasters

In large-scale disasters, it is common for insurance companies to use many claims adjusters. Some of them may be coming from out of state and may not be familiar with local labor and material costs. This can work against you, as the claims adjuster is working for the insurance company. A public insurance adjuster is working for you and will have knowledge of local costs, so they are likely to spot problems with an assessment from your insurance company.

The ideas listed above only scratch the surface of what a public claims adjuster can do for a property owner. The exact services that will help you the most will depend upon your specific circumstances. After you have notified your insurance company, you can contact a public claims adjuster at a company like Great Lakes Public Adjusting to find out how they can help you.