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Use These Tips to Protect Your Home Against Intruders

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If you own your home, you are likely concerned about keeping it as safe as possible. Even if you have home insurance, safety should be a primary concern because many homeowners are targeted for criminal activity such as break-ins. This type of activity on your property might result in higher insurance premiums. The following are a few affordable ways to make your property safer. 


Criminals might be more prone to try to break into your home if it is not well lit during darker hours of the day. You can invest in a lighting home improvement project. Motion detection lights are one type of lighting that can discourage intruders from getting too close to your property. You might prefer spotlights that run continuously if there have been multiple break-ins in your neighborhood.


If your perimeter doors are made of shoddy materials, it is possible that an intruder might be able to use force to gain access to your home. Consider upgrading to a more durable door if needed. If your door is solidly constructed, it does not need to be replaced, but you may have an issue with the quality of your locks. A thief does not have to have an amazing talent to pick an inferior lock. A locksmith is a good resource to use to determine whether your doors and locks need to be replaced. 


You may have never considered your landscape design as a potential "invitation" for criminal mischief. Ensure that you trim bushes and trees that can interfere with you being able to see outside activity. They can also be ideal for criminals to hide in and peer into your property.


Broken or cracked glass can send the idea to thieves that your home can easily be accessed. Repair all broken windows in a timely manner. You should also aim to make your windows shatter resistant. You can do this by upgrading your glass to tempered glass. Installing window film on your windows is another optional glass upgrade. Window film offers another benefit because it can darken your windows and make it more difficult for "prying eyes" to peer into your home. 

By using these suggestions, you can curb criminal activity on your property. These measures can help you because you are less likely to need to file an insurance claim for break-ins if your property is not an easy target for thieves in the first place.