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Driving After A DUI: How To Recover Your License

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After a DUI, it's fairly common for a license to be suspended. Unfortunately, a suspended license can mean that you cannot work or take care of your family. There are ways to recover your license after a DUI, but they require quite a lot of work. Here's what you need to do.

Apply for a Limited License

A limited license can be applied to in a situation in which not having a license could cause undue hardship. If you cannot get to work or go to school without your license, you may be able to get a limited license. A limited license generally restricts you to driving during a certain time of day, such as from sun up to sun down. In practice, these licenses are only to be used for essential purposes, such as getting to work. You can file for this type of license immediately after having your license suspended. If your application is turned down, you do have the opportunity to appeal -- but you aren't likely to get far unless the situation has changed.

Get an Ignition Interlock

Sometimes a limited license can be more attractive to the court with the inclusion of an ignition interlock. An ignition interlock is a breathalyzer device that fits onto your car's ignition; the car will not start unless you blow in it and you are shown not to be intoxicated. Ignition interlocks cost money to both install and maintain on your car, but they can be removed after your suspension is over.

Procure SR22 Insurance

What is an SR22 insurance policy? SR22 insurance is a type of high risk insurance generally required for those who have driven hazardously in the past. Nearly any insurance company will offer SR22 insurance, but you should know that it's generally much more expensive. You may need to consult with multiple companies, such as Great Northern Insurance Agency, before you find a policy that is cost-effective.

Remain Compliant With Court 

In addition to any jail time, fines, and penalties, a court will generally make a few requests. This could include going to Alcoholic's Anonymous, volunteering, attending therapy, or other similar tasks. It's important to remain compliant with court in all aspects; otherwise they could potentially revoke your license.

The process of acquiring a limited license is often much easier with a talented attorney. A motor vehicle attorney or DUI attorney will be able to file the appropriate paperwork and guide you regarding exactly what you need to do.