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It's Time To Check Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy For These 4 Things

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Homeowner's insurance is a necessity for anybody who owns a house, even if those homes are rented out. If you have a homeowner's insurance policy, it is essential that you read it over carefully to ensure that you are getting the most coverage available. You could be missing the fact that homeowner's insurance often fails to cover these types of damage:

1. Does your insurance cover natural disasters?

While most policies do cover damage caused by lightning storms and tornadoes, earthquake insurance is typically available only via a separate insurance policy. You may be able to add it on, but it is rarely part of the entire package. Flood insurance is often the same way, and yet in some areas you are required to have it.

2. Does your insurance cover a termite infestation?

You might not be able to tell from their size, but termites are actually quite dangerous for your home. This coverage is often not included because termites are considered preventable with regular inspection. Termite inspection every few years is the best way to fight back and prevent future repairs that could cost thousands of dollars.

3. Will your insurance policy cover a mold problem?

Mold is a serious concern for many homeowners, but it is often not covered because insurance companies associate it with poor upkeep. Certain types of mold problems may be covered, but those caused by water leaks or poor ventilation may not be. Proper upkeep is essential, and you may want to call in a mold specialist to point out potential weak spots in your home. It also helps to keep track of the humidity in your home.

4. Does your insurance policy cover your swimming pool?

Swimming pools with diving boards are less commonly covered than others. This is because diving boards are associated with certain types of injuries, like those to the head and neck. Insurance companies consider these structures to provide extra risks. If insurance does cover your pool, you must ensure that your pool meets required safety standards. This means you may need to post a fence around the swimming pool and have safety equipment readily available. This also applies to trampolines, tree houses, and other items considered "attractive nuisances" that may attract children.

Insurance policies can provide a tremendous amount of help if you find yourself in a serious predicament. Still, it is important that you know exactly what your policy covers. For more information, visit sites like