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Three Ways To Boost Your Home Security To Keep Your Insurance Rate Low

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If your neighborhood has high instances of property crimes such as home burglaries, you will often find that you're paying a higher rate for your home insurance than those who live in safer locales. As such, it's important to take steps to reduce the risk of your home being targeted by thieves, as a break-in can cause your premium to increase. A logical first step is a home security system, but if you're on a budget, it can be difficult to pay the initial cost and the monthly fee for monitoring. Don't give up your quest to keep your home safe and avoid an insurance increase – here are three lower-cost ways of improving your home security.

Keep Your Yard Vegetation Trimmed

One of the best ways to make your home seem less enticing for burglars is to ensure that your yard is as tidy as possible. This task includes frequently trimming your vegetation to ensure that your yard doesn't have an overgrown nature that could provide hiding spots for people observing the home. It doesn't cost anything to keep your grass cut short, prune back shrubs and bushes and ensure that any trees around your yard are trimmed when they need it. Not only will this change make burglars think twice about lurking in your yard, but it will also allow passersby to instantly notice if someone is lurking.

Reinforce Your Front Door

The majority of home break-ins happen through a door; beyond always ensuring that your doors are locked, there are several simple steps you can take to improve your front door's security. Installing a longer deadbolt provides more resistance to a thief attempting to kick the door in and adding a larger strike plate with longer screws provides more strength. Mounting a specialized anti-kick plate along the edge of the door further decreases the risk that anyone will have success trying to enter your home via this method. These tasks are easy enough to perform, and the parts are typically affordable at your local home improvement store.

Strengthen Your Windows' Security

There are several cost-effective ways to enhance the security of your windows. A logical choice is installing security bars on your basement windows – these mount to the window frame and can dissuade someone from breaking the window and attempting to enter. On windows that you don't want impeded by bars, a clear anti-break window film can make the glass impenetrable to feet and even hammers. This product is available at home improvement and security stores and is easy to apply.