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Be Wary Of These Three Insurance-Raising Home Additions

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Whether you've just bought your first home or you've been comfortably settled into a home for several years, your home insurance bill is something that you'll deal with every month. Although a variety of small factors can cause changes in the rate over the years, you'll often see a consistent premium and get used to paying it. It's important, however, to be aware of the fact that certain additions you make to your home can cause a change in your insurance rate – and not in the direction that you want to see. While the insurance change alone shouldn't solely influence whether you pursue these three additions to or, it's good to know this information before you move forward.

Swimming Pool

Who doesn't love the idea of installing a swimming pool? If you have kids, talk of adding this center of summer fun to your backyard is likely to be met with a chorus of cheers. Despite the many advantages of having a swimming pool build in your yard, the concern from your insurance provider's perspective is the risk that it possesses. An average of about two American children die of drowning every day, and many of these deaths occur in private swimming pools. As such, the addition of a swimming pool often leads to an increase in your home insurance rate.

Home Business

Many people dream of being able to run a home-based business. Whether it's providing a service or selling goods, it's a satisfying feeling to work out of your home, if even on a part-time basis. The issue with running a home-based business, as far as your insurance company is concerned, is two-fold. Keeping a stock of high-value inventory for your business can often cause your insurance rate to increase. Additionally, if you're having members of the public visit your home, there's always a risk of someone sustaining an injury. As such, you can often expect a higher insurance premium once you establish your business.


Many fun-loving families consider the addition of a trampoline to make their backyards the popular hangout among neighborhood children. While a trampoline provides hours of entertainment, it also possesses a risk for the people using it. As such, it's often conventional to experience an increase in your home insurance rate upon buying a trampoline. The manner in which your addition reflects on your home insurance might be a minor detail, but it's important to assess this information before you move forward.

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