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Your Teenager Can Now Drive - Tips To Keep Insurance Bills At Bay

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If you have a teenager that just passed their driver's exam, they most likely will start hounding you to be able to drive legally. While this is an exciting time in your child's life, you might be less than thrilled at the scariness associated with having a new driver in the home and the rising costs that go along with it. Here are some tips for you to use when adding a new driver into the mix.

Understand Insurance Rates

New drivers are one of the biggest risks when it comes to car insurance, thereby explaining the higher rates you will get when you add your new driver to your policy. Most insurance companies require that every licensed driver in your household is listed on your insurance policy. If you are divorced and share custody, you will need to ask your insurance company if there is a stipulation that will allow only one party to insure the driver. This can save you rates if your company only requires one parent to insure the driver and if you are not the primary custody holder.

Pick The Right Vehicle

Insurance companies will take a look at the primary vehicle your teenager will be using for their daily driving. When putting them on your policy, it is best to have them designated to a vehicle that may feel boring and bland to them, but be lower-priced and less of a risk to your insurance company. Avoid having them put on a policy as the primary driver of a sports vehicle, as this will just make your rates escalate very high. A family car with safety features will look most favorable, and it will also be safer for your teenager to drive.

Look For Discounts

Some insurance companies are known to offer insurance rate discounts to teenage drivers that have good grades in school. Their report card can be shown to your insurance agent in order to receive a discount. There are other discounts available for taking driving education courses. Enroll your teenager in a class where they get on the road training. This will considerably lower the rate for their insurance.

Keep Your Child Safe

Teenagers that display positive driving habits can receive reductions in insurance over time. A clean driving record can mean a discount for not having any accidents. There are technological tools that can help your child stay safe in the car, making the risk of accident lower. Some of these include devices that will shut off texting and calling features on cell phones or two-way cameras that will show your teen's driving habits to help them learn to become a better driver. Some cars have features installed that will limit the volume on the stereo or the speed that someone can drive.

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