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Incarcerated Loved One's Birthday? Try These Tips To Show You Care

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Knowing that your loved one is incarcerated can be upsetting enough, and you could feel even worse if your friend or family member is in jail on his or her birthday. You might feel powerless about the situation, but there are still ways that you can show your loved one that you care. Give these tips a try, and your loved one is sure to have the best birthday possible, considering the circumstances.

1. Send Money for an Extra Treat

Call the jail to find out if you are allowed to send money to your loved one. In many cases, you can send a certain amount of cash that your loved one can use to purchase hygiene items, snacks, sodas and more. Try to send the money a little bit ahead of your loved one's birthday in case it takes him or her a while to get it. Whether you can only send a little bit or are able to send the maximum allowed, your loved one is sure to appreciate the gesture and the fact that he or she can purchase a special treat of some sort.

2. Mail Birthday Cards

To someone who is in jail or prison, receiving mail from the outside world is very important. This is especially important on an incarcerated person's birthday, so take the time to mail in a birthday card. You can send a handcrafted one, or you can purchase one from a card store; regardless, your loved one is sure to treasure it. To make it even more special, consider sending multiple cards on your loved one's birthday or throughout the week or month of the special day. Since mail is one of the most treasured things that an inmate can receive, this gesture is sure to be much appreciated. You can even send drawings or photographs to make the gift even more spectacular.

3. Call a Bail Bondsman

If your loved one is awaiting trial and has not been convicted and sentenced to active time yet, there is a chance that you can get him or her out until the upcoming court date. Bail bondsmen like Bob Shropshire & Sons can put up the bond, and you will simply have to pay a percentage of the bond to the bondsman for the service. If you are able to get your loved one out of jail in time for his or her birthday, it's sure to be the best gift of them all.

Knowing that someone you love is in jail can be extremely hard to handle. Luckily, one of these three things can help you make your loved one's birthday as special as possible during this difficult time.